Effective Grammar 
for Higher Learners: 
Course Outline

Part No. Topic Sub-topic
PART I: Main Structure Analysis
1 Part of Speech (Word Form) Noun
Adjective & Adverb
Tenses Structure (3 Tenses and 2 Aspects)
Usage -Timeline + Example (Simple & Continuous)
Usage -Timeline + Example (Perfect & Perfect Continuous)
บทเสริม Tenses: เจาะลึกจุดต่างการใช้ Tenses Present Tenses
Past Tenses
Future Tenses
Passive Voice 1 minute to complete passive voice
Special Verb
Helping Verb
Agreement of Subject and Verb Rule #1 - Rule #21
Non Finite Verb (Verbal) Participle
Gerund and Infinitive with to
Relative Clause
Conjunction 3 Types of Conjunction
Conjunction Songs
Reduced Subordinated Clause
Conditional Clause (If-Clause) Possible Conditional Clause
Impossible Conditional Clause (Present and Past)
Wish Clause  
PART II: English Weapons
2 Article A/ An/ The
Word Building Suffix
Parallel Structure
Inverted Word Order
PART III: Commom Mistakes in Everyday Usage
3 Redundancy  
Word Choice
PART IV: Exercises and Tests
4 Tests on Main Structure Chapters Word Form (part of speech)
Tenses: Structure and Usage
Active and Passive Voice
Special Verb
Agreement of Subject and Verb
Non-Finite Verb (Verbal)
Relative Clause
Conditional Clause (If-Clause)
Test on English Weapons Chapters Preposition
Parallel Structure
Inverted Word Order
Test on Common Mistakes Chapter Word Choice
Final Test
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