Designed to pave the way for English learners from intermediate level to advanced level and equipped with "ALGORITHM", the practical strategies to beat CU-TEP test, CU-TEP course aiming to enhance the understanding of English and to deliver the CU-TEP preparation for those who are going to have CU-TEP test covers all three parts namely Listening Part, Reading Part, and Writing Part with the trend analysis of the test.
Session No. No. of Hours Part Focus Topic Description
** VDO Review on "10 Hours English Equation (Main Structure Analysis) is strongly recommended
before attending the first studying session
1 2.5 Writing #1 Introduction to Writing Part

Writing Practice Algorithm
Analyze the pattern of the writing test .. Let's get used to it.

Step-by-step to defeat "Grammar Error Identification" (break down into two levels including
1. Main Structure
2. Hidden Structure)
2 2.5 Writing #2 Basic Practice

Intermediate Practice
Learn to find the answer by using "Structure Analysis Techniques"

Learn to find the answer by using "Choice Elimination Techniques"
3 2.5 Writing #3 Advance Practice

Real CU-TEP Test Practice
Learn to use mixed strategies to catch the answer as fast as possible

Be familiar with real CU-TEP tests and learn how to deal with them efficiently and effectively
4 2.5 Writing #4 Post-Test + Skill Evaluation Let's test your readiness for writing part
5 2.5 Reading #1 Introduction to Reading Part

Reading Review
Develop the skills to master the "reading part" of the exam including:

3 Factors to Tackle Reading, Reading-Writing Technique, Reading Practice Algorithm (Step-by-step and techniques to beat the exam)
6 2.5 Reading #2 Vocabulary-in-context Guess word meanings from the context
- Practise to guess the meanings of new words using context clues.
- Practise to guess the meanings of new words using root, prefix and suffix.
- Vocabulary Practice.
7 2.5 Reading #3 Reading Short Passage - Learn about techniques to tackle short passage using "the clues from the questions"
- Skimming and scanning for details.
- Reading Practice.
8 2.5 Reading #4 Reading Long Passage - Learn about techniques to tackle short passage using "the clues from the questions"
- Learn to answer the questions for vocabulary, reference, and restatement using "Time-saving Technique", no need to read the whole passage.
- Reading Practice.
9 2.5 Reading #5 Cloze Test - Cloze Test Practice Algorithm.
- Learn to find the answer by using "Collocation Technique"
- Learn to find the answer by using "Choice Elimination Techniques"
- Cloze Test Practice.
*The course includes a free preliminary “Listening Muscle Build-up self-study session”, which includes:
(1) Essential idioms and phrasal verbs review
(2) Homonyms recognition (problematic words)
(3) Essential vocabulary review
(4) Stress words recognition and introduction to Efficient Note-taking skills

"Listening Muscle Build-up self-study session" is mandatory. Students will benefit from the session, especially ones with relatively weak listening skill in general.
10 2.5 Listening #1 Short Conversation Technique Learn about technniques used in mastering "Short conversation part" of the exam including:
- Problematic grammar review.
- Idioms and phrasal verbs brush-up.
- Listening Practice.
11 2.5 Listening #2 Long Conversation Technique Learn about techniques to master "Long conversation part" of the exam including:
- Double-entry Note-taking.
- Listening Practice.
12 2.5 Listening #3 Monologue Technique Learn about techniques used to master "Lecture part" of the exam including:
- Structure Note-taking
- Listening Practice.
13-15 7.5 EXAMINATION Simulation Test #1 * learn about overall tactics and enhance comprehension of strategic methodologies.
The students are encouraged to eliminate their weaknesses through 60-hr extra lessons,
exercises and exam practices (As seen in Guidebook).
For this course: the students will learn not only the way they should encounter the real CUTEP test but also the different tips and tricks with different techniques they are advised to use to accomplish
the highest possible score under time limitation.


  • เรียนรู้ครอบคลุมโดยละเอียดไล่ Step ตั้งแต่ Basic - Advanced ทั้ง 3 ทักษะการสอบ
  • ปูพื้นฐาน Grammar ก่อนเรียน ด้วยการสร้าง Linkage โครงสร้างทางภาษา กับหลักสูตร Grammar Brain Map
  • มี Algorithm (Step-by-Step) ชัดเจน ใช้ได้จริง สำหรับทำคะแนนในทุกทักษะการสอบ จากงานวิจัยข้อสอบ CU-TEP กว่า 10 ปี เข้าถึงแก่นผูัออกข้อสอบ
  • ฝึกข้อสอบเฉพาะสถาบันกว่า 1000 ข้อ ไล่สเต็ปความยาก 3 ระดับ ครอบคลุมทุกรูปแบบการออกข้อสอบเฉพาะ CU-TEP
  • วิชามารเลี่ยงโจทย์ลวงในทุก Part และเคล็ดลับตัด Choice หลอก
  • เคล็ดลับ Effective Reading อ่านไม่ถึงครึ่งก็สอบได้ แก้ปัญหาทำข้อสอบ Reading ไม่ทัน และโดนเบี่ยงประเด็น
  • จับประเด็นการฟัง - Checklist อย่างไร รูัเรื่องก่อนเริ่มฟัง (เพิ่ม Concentration ขณะฟัง) และวิธีวางกลลวง
  • เทคนิคเพิ่มคะแนนในเวลาจำกัด ด้วย Priority Focus Technique และ Effective Time Management
  • ประเมินผลรายบุคคลโดย Personal Coach ระหว่างและหลังจบหลักสูตร เพื่อเสริมทักษะอย่างถูกต้องใน Computer Lab